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It’s hard to believe there was a time when authors struggled to have their work published. Thanks to Amazon, Kindle, and other online platforms, it’s easier than ever for independent authors to self-publish their books, making them available to readers globally. Now, with the recent announcement of Amazon A+ Content, KDP authors have even more control of their Amazon book pages and their overall sales.

What is Amazon A+ Content Anyway?

According to Amazon seller central, the A+ content feature allows authors and brands to enhance their product pages and descriptions with various types of content. In the past, Amazon book pages were limited to a…

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So, you’ve written that epic fantasy novel or maybe it’s a non-fiction book based on your marketing knowledge, and you’re ready to get published. Perhaps, you want to dip a toe into niche publishing and need to make sure there is a market for your planned hydroponics books.

Many writers only become aware of the need to advertise a book just as they hit the publish button which is probably too late. As with any business, it pays to plan ahead. So how do you find what readers are searching for and more importantly, what books are they actually buying?

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Every year, thousands of authors across the world are getting ready to write a novel in just one month during November. National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo as it is known, is a collective marathon in self-discipline where people around the world aim to write a novel of at least 50,000 words before the month is out.

Once you’ve hit that 50k, you can upload your novel to the NaNoWriMo website where you can verify your word count, confirm yourself as a winner, and get banners and certificates.

NaNoWriMo is the ideal starting point for many writers since it will…

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In this short guide, indie authors will discover ways in which they can benefit from utilizing audiobook vendors as well as their royalty rate details. Let’s face it, writing a book is hard enough, but knowing how you can monetize your book’s earning potential will allow you to maximize profits and will pay off in the long run. After making a physical copy of a book, many indie authors stop there and immediately begin their next project.

However, the most professional of indie authors should strive for their book’s full success and explore all options when it comes to their…

Plottr is downloadable software for outlining and it is mainly targeted towards fiction writers. It allows you to create a comprehensive view of your story (plots, subplots, characters, and chapters) so you have a clear direction when writing.

But, is this software truly worth buying, and is it as useful as we’re made to believe? Keep reading this 2021 Plottr review for authors to find out!

What Is Plottr?

The Plottr downloadable software is convenient for fiction writers for many reasons, mainly because:

● It’s downloadable and compatible with Windows and Mac

● You can write your outline in Plottr, download it, and…

Are you a freelance writer looking for easy-to-use, quality online editing software? Or, you are a student wanting to polish your paper or an essay before turning it in? Perhaps, you’re an academic, and you want research papers to shine in all their glory? No matter your industry, you must be wondering if ProWritingAid is better than its competitors.

So, what does this service do for you? Is it worth subscribing and changing your routines? I tried ProWritingAid out for you and here is the complete review.

What Is ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid is, by many, said to be a great content editing program. It…

Self Publishing Show 2020 Collage

The Self Publishing Show was to be a prelude to the London Book Fair, a warm-up for indie authors from around the world before invading the international meet-up for the book industry. However, as big publishers pulled out of LBF one by one it soon became apparent it would be cancelled and so it was. Despite this, the SPS went ahead as planned, hosted by Mark Dawson, James Blatch and John Dyer and am I glad it was.

For those who don’t know, the Self Publishing Show (formerly Self Publishing Formula) has been a fantastic and highly professional source of…

I visited the London Book Fair for the first time recently at the historic Olympia in London and was fascinated by the engine of the publishing industry on display. Clustered around the big 5 trade publisher areas, hordes of suits were getting down to business — agents, authors, editors, you name it, all fuelling the fantastic world of books via deals and pitches. Take away that book element though and you’d think you were in some kind of trade convention. Ah, well, I guess we were.

The business of publishing, let’s not forget, is fuelled by the creative writers of…

During last years NaNoWriMo (2017) I began writing another thriller novel at Derek Murphy’s NanoCastle and failed.

Failed in the sense that I didn’t make the 50k word count.

However, a year later, I am preparing to launch that same book on an unsuspecting world under my pseudonym and alter ego. So, at the end of the creative journey, there is a type of success in that I’m finishing something that was a mere glint in the eye of an idea last year.

It’s also worth pointing out that I’m no newbie having written and published five novels since 2012…

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